Cramer Technologies LLC originally began as a small computer repair business in 2003 called MyComputerSolutions.biz.  Over the years the repair business gradually took on more enterprise level IT support and rollout roles.  Eventually in January of 2014 we brought more people on board and changed the name.

The CramerTech team has been performing admirable service in more than 3 states in 2 time zones over the past year, and continuing to grow into new territories.

What can you expect from CramerTech?  You can expect:

  • Professional - We constantly re-evaluate our practices and refine them to better serve our clients.
  • Expedient - The better we can serve you, the more time is saved by not having to perform re-work.
  • Technology - It is our utmost pleasure to stay on top of all of the latest innovations and solutions.  It's what drives us.